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Depth Control on Any Implant Drill

The Zosseo Universal Implant Drill Stops prevent over-drilling, reducing the potential for sinus or nerve complications during osteotomies. Developed by a dentist to fit most brands of surgical hand pieces, the Zosseo Universal Implant Drill Stops have been tested in numerous practices and universities in the United States.

Zosseo Universal Implant Drill Stops:

Penetrate precisely, minimizing need to visualize for
  depth control.
* Aid in implant preparation positioning as related to
  adjacent teeth.
* Improve depth management in flap or flapless
* Keep the osteotomy in the same shape if using 
  tapered implants.
* Can be used with surgical guides.
* Useful over extraction sites and defects with wide 6mm

Zosseo Universal Implant Drill Stops fit dozens of drill brands,
including these:

AB                        Implant Direct         Southern
Astra                    Keystone                   Straumann  
Bicon                   Klockner                     Tatum
Biohorizon           Lifecore                      Thommen
Biomet 3i             Neodent                    Zimmer
Blue Sky               Neoss   
Dentsply              Nobel   
Hiossen                Sin

How to use the Zosseo

To find out more information please watch the video below: