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For over 30 years, ZEST Anchors has been a global leader in the manufacturing of dental implant attachments. ZEST pioneered self- aligning overdenture attachments to combat
the damage done by the improper seating of overdentures. Today, more than 70 manufacturers have partnered with ZEST to customise their LOCATOR pivoting technology abutments to be interface compatible with over 350 different implant products. Now, patients 
the world over are enjoying an unprecedented quality of life, without the worry of ill- fitting dentures. Which is why it's the perfect time to incorporate the industry's most comprehensive overdenture attachment system into your practice, to work with the implant system you prefer.


The Simple Solution.

With the growing demographic of edentulous patients, the market opportunity for implant- retained overdentures as a treatment model has never been more viable and important. Easy to insert and remove by your patients, ZEST Anchors' self-aliging LOCATOR Overdenture Attachments are designed with customisable levels of retention, lowest vertical profile, and exceptional durability. Most important is it's innovative ability to pivot, which increases the attachment's resiliency and tolerance for the high mastication forces an attachment must withstand. This streamline performance leads to fewer problems, increased productivity and long- term satisfaction. Your patients can rest assured that they are getting the best overdenture attachment connection possible.

Implant Attachment....
The ZEST LOCATOR Implant Attachment is the premier system for implant- retained overdentures. According to recent studies, a two implant- retained overdenture restoration is considered the new minimum standard of care for edentulous patients.

Bar Attachment....
When a case calls for a bar attachment, the ZEST LOCATOR Bar Attachment provides the self- alining feature, superb retention, long- lasting durability and low profile design. It also offers three options for the fabrication of a resilient attachment on an implant- supported cast alloy or milled titanium bar.

Root Attachment....
The ZEST LOCATOR Root Attachment is a supra- radicular design that gives you the choice of a straight post, two angled (10 & 20 degrees) posts- to accommodate divergent roots and a special cast- to version.

One System, Multiple Benefits......

Pivoting Technology......
The LOCATOR Male pivots in it's permanent Denture Cap for a genuine resilient connection of the prosthesis without any resulting loss of retention. The male remains in static contact with the female socket while the Denture Cap has a full range of rotational movement over the male.

Self- Aligning Design......
The Self- Aligning feature of the LOCATOR Attachment allows a patient to easily seat their overdenture without the need for accurate alignment, and without causing damage to the attachment components. This Self- Aligning feature also increases the longevity of the LOCATOR. Patients can really bite their dentures into place without harming the attachments.

                                            Lowest Vertical Height......
The LOCATOR Attachment is designed to reduce the height of attachment and abutment on all brands of edosseous implants. With a total attachment height of only 3.17mm (male plus 1mm collar abutment) for an externally hexed implant, the LOCATOR saves a minimum of 1.68mm to 3.05mm of interocclusal space compared to other implant overdenture attachments.

Exceptional Durability......
The LOCATOR Attachment has twice the amount of retention surface area than other attachments available. The unique Dual Retention innovation that includes inside and outside retention ensures long- lasting performance, as shown by an independent laboratory test comparing the LOCATOR to the Stern ERA® Implant Attachment during 60,000 cycles of function.*      
                                        *Delsen Testing Laboratory   

                                         Versatility in Retention & Angulation......

Standard Range Males......

The unique Dual Retention, pivoting action
provides resiliency to maximise stability and longevity, whilst allowing up to 10 Degrees of angulation, which equates to 20 Degrees of divergence between two

Extended Range Males......

The Pivoting ability of the Extended Range Males allows you to restore a non- parallel implant with up to 20 Degree of angulation. This calculates to an extensive 40 Degrees of divergence
between two implants.



The LOCATOR Core Implant Attachment System features a Core Tool that contains 3 tools in 1. This convenient tool is used to carry and place the LOCATOR Abutment, remove the LOCATOR Male, and insert the male into the Denture Cap. Insert drivers for various types of torque wrenches are also available.

Locator Technique Manuals:

Zest Implant Attachment System

Zest Root Attachment System

Zest Bar Attachment System

Locator Core Tool Instructions for use:



Please find below important information regarding the KEY differences between the GPS™ Overdenture Abutment and the LOCATOR Overdenture Abutment:

GPS vs Locator .pdf (PDF — 3 MB)

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