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Osseous Technologies of America was founded in 2003 and is a leader in the dental industry- providing innovative, high quality products for both the surgeon and restorative clinicians.

Everything 4 Implants is now supplying the following products:

Osseous GlidersThe disposable bone scraper that always has a fresh blade

Tired of harvesting bone shavings with a scraper that won't stay sharp?
Then it's time you tried the OTA Osseous Glider.

The 360º blade is marked into four sections.
As the blade starts to dull, you can expose a new cutting surface by simply twisting the blade with any .050 hex driver.
The Osseous Gliders come with either a straight or angled tip.
The straight Osseous Glider is recommended for the ramus, symphasis and tuberosity areas because of restrictions in the posterior of the mouth and the angled Osseous Glider is optimized for the external oblique ridge.

If you've never used an angled scraper in this area of the mouth, you won't believe how much easier it is to use than a straight scraper.
The secret is to hold the angled Glider at a 35 degree angle on the ridge.

Osseous Collectors
Stop wasting valuable bone

The OTA Osseous Collector is a fast, easy, way to harvest valuable autogenous bone that can be used to correct small defects around dental implants and periodontal compromised teeth.

It features a unique shut-off valve that allows you to shut off the suction so you don't dry out the bone.

The OTA Osseous Collector is disposable, so no cleaning required.
They are extremely economical- the entire unit costs less than the filter alone for most metal collectors.
The collectors are supplied sterile and sold in packs of 1 or 10 and
Include two filters.

They are for single-patient use only and can not be re-sterilized or reused.

Universal DriversNo more rescheduling appointments

Finally, universal drivers for abutments and cover screws that will work with 95% of implant systems.

No more time wasting or rescheduling appointments while you try to figure out what type of implant system  was placed in a patient.

With these drivers you'll have the instrument you need
on hand.

The universal drivers are available in either long or short handle.

The long-handled drivers provide outstanding access between teeth and are specifically designed for maxillary cases.

The short drivers are long enough to access the chimney in screw-retained prostheses and are designed for anterior mandible cases.

Short-handled drivers are 1.75 inches long.
Long-handled drivers are 4.25 inches long.

All drivers are color-coded for easy identification.
They are autoclavable and sold in sets of seven and also individually.

Great for lab use, too!

Right-Angled DriverA high-performance manual driver 
The right-angled driver makes it easy to place posterior screws in the mandible or maxilla.

Most other drivers are fixed at a single angle, which makes them awkward to use but with the right-angled driver you can rotate the head to the exact angle you need for maximum access and comfort.

It's manually driven, so there's no need to connect it to a handpiece.

When you need a specific torque value, simply attach the appropriate pre- set torque adapter.
(Adapters of 15 Ncm, 20 Ncm, 25 Ncm, 35 Ncm, 45 Ncm are available)

Bits for Right-Angled Drivers are also available.

You can use these latch- type bits with the right-angled driver or any standard latch-type contra-angle system.

They're ideal for posterior abutments and cover screws in the mandible and maxilla.
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